Getting Started with Time & Billing

The following information will assist you through the general process of entering time and invoicing clients in Brief Accounting. Clicking on each section heading below will take you detailed instructions on each topic.

1. Create Clients and Matters

Before any time or cost slips can be entered in Brief Accounting, a matter must be created to facilitate the slip entry. Each Matter must belong to a Client. Clients may have just a single matter associated with them, or they may have multiple matters.

2. Enter Time or Cost Slips

Once a matter is set up, time and disbursement slips can be entered under that matter. Each new slip allows you to specify a detailed description of the time activity or cost, hours, rate and biller.

3. Print Prebill

Once time and cost slips have been entered, it is recommended that prebills be printed. Printed prebills can be printed and reviewed in the same format as a Statement of Fees & Disbursements or Invoice. After reviewing the prebill, slips can be added, deleted or edited prior to posting the invoice that will go to the client.

4. Edit Slips

Once slips are entered, any information on the slips can be edited prior to posting the invoice. This usually occurs after the Pre-Bills have been reviewed and changes are identified.

5. Post Invoice

Once all the slips for a billing cylcle have been entered and prebills reviewed, invoices can be posted. It is important that prebills are carefully reviewed and any corrections made prior to posting invoices, as once posted, changes cannot be made unless the invoice posting is reversed.

More detailed information on Time & Billing can be found in the Time & Billing section of the Brief Accounting Knowledge Base.

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