Entering a New Disbursement (Cost) Slip

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Entering a New Disbursement (Cost) Slip


Click the Time & Billing icon on the main Brief Accounting > Click the "New" button:



Select "Slip".

Enter the file number or tab to the next field and enter the client name. The file number, client's name and description of the matter are displayed.


Select the "Disbursement" option. Enter a description, quantity and cost for the slip.



Note: Once "Disbursement" is selected for the slip, the GL Account changes to 4501 - Recoverable Expenses.

Click "Accept" once all of the slip detail has been entered. This will save the slip until which time the slips are posted to an invoice for the matter.

Once you click "Accept", you can click the "New" button again to enter another slip. The matter number will default to that of the previous slip that was entered. Enter a different matter number if the new slip is for a different file.


Tips to Remember:

Using the tab key on your keyboard is the easiest way to move between fields. Do not use the Enter/Return key. 


It is not necessary to enter a code to record costs (or time). The codes are used simply to speed up the data entry process.


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