Entering a New Time Slip

To enter a new time slip in Brief Accounting:

Select the Billing module icon, click the New icon:


Select "Slip" and click OK:


Enter the file number for the client and hit the "Tab" key. The Client Name and Matter Description are automatically filled in:


Enter the description of the Time Activity and the Hours:


Note: The hourly rate will default to rate for the Biller based on the Matter being billed. For more on setting up rates, CLICK HERE.

When finished, click the Accept. The list of billable slips entered for the file is displayed.

TIP: Rather than clicking Accept after a slip is entered, clicking the New icon at the top of the screen will save the slip that was being worked on and open a new blank time slip for the same matter.

TIP: Time Activity Codes can be used as a timesaver to automate descriptions and default hours when entering slips. For more on using Time Codes, CLICK HERE.


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