Creating New Clients and Matters

In order to post any transactions (enter time, costs, trust transactions, create invoices, etc.) for a client, both a Client card and a Matter card must be created. A single client may have one, or multiple matters associated with it.

A Matter is assigned a file number up to 10 characters in length. A file number can consist of a letters or numbers, or a combination of both. Brief Accounting can automatically assign sequential file numbers as new matters are created, or the user can enter a file number of their choosing. Notes can be attached to each client and matter.

Brief Accounting allows efficiency in data entry by:

  • requiring client information only be entered once
  • allowing multiple matters per client
  • automating matter file numbering
  • displaying up to date account balances and activity on the matter card
  • using task-oriented data entry
  • intelligent searching (including conflict checking)
  • associating billing, rates, receivables, and trust accounting to the matter

Create a New Matter for a New Client

Select the Client module.

Click the New icon:


A new blank matter card will appear with the exception of the auto-assigned file number. This can be overwritten if required.

Type in the name of the new client and press the "tab" key on the keyboard.

A prompt to create a new client will be displayed. Click OK:


A new blank Client card will be displayed.

Enter the Client's contact information using the tab key to move from field to field on the screen.

Click Accept when finished entering the Client information:


A Matter screen (Matter card) will then be displayed, allowing the matter-specific information to be completed.

Enter the information.

Note that the Bank Acct field is the Trust Account associated with that specific matter.


Clicking in the File No field will allow you to change the file number. Make any required changes and click Update:


When all of the Matter information has been entered, click Accept to complete.


Create a New Matter for an Existing Client:

Select the Client module, click the New icon.

Enter the client name (or a portion of the client name preceded by the @ symbol) and press the tab key:


Tip: Using the @ symbol in front of the name will search for all clients containing the name (taylor) in any part of the client name in all existing clients in Brief Accounting.

A new matter card will then be created for the existing client.

Fill in the information specific to the matter and click Accept when complete:


NOTE: When viewing a client card, all matters belong to the client are listed for easy viewing.

Double-clicking on a matter listed on the Client Card will display the Matter Card for that matter:


Client and Matter Notes:

On both the Client and Matter cards, there is a side drop-down menu towards the top-right under the Logout icon.

Choosing the "Notes" option from this menu allows client or matter-specific notes to be entered and saved.

Clicking the small Calendar icon on the Notes screen will allow you to date stamp the notes being made:






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