Getting Started with Accounts Receivable

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The following information will assist you through the general process of posting and printing invoices and taking receipts in Accounts Receivable. Clicking on each section heading below will take you detailed instructions on each topic.

1. Create Clients and Matters

Before any accounts receivable invoices or receipts can be entered in Brief Accounting, a matter must be created to facilitate this. Each Matter must belong to a Client. Clients may have just a single matter associated with them, or they may have multiple matters.


2. Enter an Invoice

An Accounts Receivable invoice can be entered directly into the Accounts Receivable module. Unlike an invoice created in Time & Billing, an Accounts Receivable invoice is composed of line items (rather than time & cost slips) and once created, is tracked in the A/R module in the same manner as a Time & Billing invoice.


3. Take a Receipt

When payment is received from a client, it is entered as an Accounts Receivable Receipt. A receipt is usually taken and applied towards an outstanding (not yet paid) A/R Invoice, or multiple invoices. However, an A/R receipt can also be entered when there is no A/R invoice, resulting in an A/R credit balance.

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