Enter an Accounts Receivable Invoice

Unlike a Time & Billing invoice, an A/R invoice is not composed of time and disbursement slips. An A/R invoice is composed of line items and is created directly within the A/R module. An A/R invoice is used to address specific and custom billing situations. Once created, it is tracked in the A/R module in the same manner as a Time & Billing invoice.

Some common uses for A/R invoices are to enter a prior A/R outstanding balance forward, to add interest to overdue accounts or to invoice for a one-of flat fee service.

Select the A/R module > Invoice tab

Enter the File Number and click OK

The A/R Invoice Item screen will be displayed

Enter the Invoice Reference line

Enter the Invoice Date

Enter a Description for the item

Enter the amount for the item in the Each field

If a Cost item (rather than time) is being entered, enter the Quantity and the per unit price in the "Each" field.

Use GL 4001 for a Fee item or GL 4501 for a cost item (These are the default GL numbers for Fees and Costs. Your firm may have setup their Chart of Accounts differently)

Enter the Billed By timekeeper

Click Accept


The invoice can be posted with a single invoice line item, or additional line items can be entered.

Click the New icon at the top of the screen to enter additional line items to the invoice.

After each invoice line item, click Accept.

Once the invoice line items have been entered, the Print icon can be clicked to preview the invoice before posting.

Click Post to Post (finalize) and print the invoice.

After clicking post a dialog box will appears where the various invoice options are selected.

TIP!  Note on the invoice item screen there is an Hours field. This is an optional field used solely for timekeeper reporting purposes. If an invoice is being entered for fees for which a Timekeeper should receive credit, the Timekeeper's hours worked should be entered in this field. The hours worked will then be credited on the various Timekeeper reports.

Once posted, an A/R invoice is treated the same as a Time & Billing invoice. The posted invoice can be viewed via the Matter's A/R Statement screen, or the A/R Journal.


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