Setting up Staff-Based Rates

Staff Based Rates are assigned at the staff level for each Timekeeper in Brief Accounting. Staff can have as many different rate codes as necessary. Each rate code is assigned an hourly amount, and each matter is assigned a rate code that will determine the hourly rate for each timekeeper working on the matter. To setup staff rates:
Set the Various Rate Codes for Each Staff
Select the Staff module > Staff tab.
A list of all staff will be displayed. Those with a checkmark beside their name in the TK (timekeeper) column are able to bill time out under their name and should have rates assigned:
Double-click on a Timekeeper listed to view the Staff Card and set the hourly rate(s).
Under the Time & Billing Rates section of the Staff Card, click Add:
Select one of the Billing Rate Codes listed (note each matter is assigned a Billing Rate Code). Enter the hourly rate for that particular Rate Code for the Staff and click OK:
Multiple rate codes can be added for each staff by clicking the Add button on the Staff Card. Repeat this for each staff card.
Note: The default Rate codes installed are A through F rates. These can be Modified and new Rate Codes can be added. There is no limit on the rate codes that can be added.
Adding / Modifying Rate Codes
Select the Staff module > Billing tab.
A list of the various rates is displayed as well as the rate type.
Click New to add a new rate.
Enter the new rate code and a description of the rate. These can be descriptive rather than just single letters. For example:
Click Accept when added.
Existing rate codes can also be double-clicked on in order to edit the code and/or the description.
Assigning a Rate to a Client
Once all of the rate amounts are assigned to the rate codes for the staff, the rate code should be assigned to the clients that will use this rate code.
Select the Client module > Client tab.
Enter the Client and click OK to view the Client card.
Select the Billing side menu option from the side drop-down menu of the Client card:
Select the Billing Rate that will be used for the Client:
When time is entered for the above client for a given Timekeeper, the assigned A Rate as on the staff card will be defaulted to. Note: All matters belong to the Client will use the rate code as set above.
Unique Rates for Matters belonging to a Single Client
The above setup assigns the rate code at the client level, meaning all matters belonging to a given client will use the rate code assigned to that client. It is possible to assign the rate at the matter level, allowing different rates for individual matters belong to a client. To set this up:
Select the Client module > Client tab for the client to view the Client card.
Select the Billing side menu option of the Client card.
From the Billing screen of the client card, clear the "Client Based Rates" checkbox and click Accept:
Rate codes can then be assigned at the Matter level:
Select the Client module > Matter tab for the matter.
Select the Billing option from the side menu to view the Matter billing card.
Note: the Matter tab will be highlighted when on the Billing card indicating you are working at the Matter (rather than Client) level:
Different Rate Codes can be assigned to each matter in this manner.
Click to view the various Rates Reports that summarize the firm's rate setup.
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