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When setting up Staff Based Rates you need to assign specific rate amounts to individual staff members for given rate levels. Staff Based Rates rate levels are referred to as billing codes. Brief Accounting is preloaded with the billing codes "A" through "F". You can create more as necessary. There is no limit to the number of Billing Codes you can setup.

Billing code "A" is the default billing code assigned to new clients and matters when they are created. Often during the initial setup process, Brief Legal Software will ask you for the default rate amounts for each of your timekeepers. These amounts are assigned as the "A" billing code rate value on each of the timekeeper's staff cards and all of your clients are initially setup to use billing code "A" as their default rate level.

Here are instructions for setting new rate level amounts, assigning that rate level to a client and creating new billing codes.


Setting rate level amount on a staff card

Choose the Staff module > Staff tab and pull up a Staff card
Click the Add button in the Time & Billing Rates section
Select "B" and enter a rate

You can now either:
Click the Add button again to add another amount for a different billing code
Click the Next button at the bottom to move to the next timekeeper
Click Accept if finished to return to the main screen

Assign a rate level to a client

Now that you have assigned rate amounts to the timekeepers for billing code "B" you need to assign a client to use billing code "B" as their default rate level.

Choose the Client module > Client tab and pull up the Client Card for the Matter you want to set the rate for
Click the Billing sidetab
In the Time & Billing rates area in the top-right corner, click the drop-down box and change "A" to "B"
This will set all of this Client's matters to use the "B" rate

Clients with multiple matters and unique rate levels

Because you are on the Client card > Billing sidetab you are setting the rate at the Client level. This means that ALL of this Client's matters will be billed at this rate level. If you have a Client that has multiple matters that are billed at different rate levels, you will want to set the rate at the Matter level. To do this you need to enable matter based rates for that client.

Choose the Client module > Client tab and pull up the Client Card for the Matter you want to set the rate for
Click the Billing sidetab
Uncheck the checkbox marked "Client Based Rates"

Once you have matter based rates enabled, you can set the rate level on the matter card, rather than the client. By default, new matters will still be set to use the rate level that is set on the client card, however you will be free to change the rate level on any given matter belonging to that client.

Create new staff rate billing codes

It is common to have a few rate levels that take care of the default rates for most of your clients. Sometimes however you may have a client that requires a completely unique rate level. This requires you create a new billing code, specific to that client.

Choose the Staff module > Billing tab
Click the New button at the top
Enter a code (you may want to use something that identifies the client)
Enter a description
Click Accept

This billing code will now be available for assigning rate amounts on the staff cards and to assign to rate level on the client and matter cards.


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