Brief Accounting Rate Types

There are two types of rate setups in Brief Accounting, Staff Rates and Position Rates.

Staff Rates:

Each Staff can have a number of different rate types (code) set up with a specified hourly rate amount. Each Matter (or Client) is assigned a rate code. When time is entered on a given matter for a timekeeper, their default hourly rate for that matter will be used. This is the most common rate setup used.

Postion Rates:

Position Rates are assigned by Billing Position (eg. Sr. Partner, Jr. Partner, Associate, etc.). Each staff is assigned a billing position.

Hourly billing rates for each position are set for individual Matters (or Clients). When time is entered for a staff in a matter, their hourly rate for their position as set in the matter is used.


Click for more information on Staff Rates and Position Rates.

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