Setting up Position-Based Rates

Position Based Rates assign rates based on the Billing Position of the Timekeeper.

If you have a client where for example:

  • all Partners bill at the same rate
  • all Associates bill at the same rate and
  • all Paralegals bill at a the same rate

then you should use Position Based Rates

Setting the Billing Position on the Staff card

Each Timekeeper is assigned a Billing Position on their Staff card. The appropriate Billing Position for the Timekeeper should be selected from the drop-down box.

Likely this is setup by Brief Legal Software during the initial setup process for your data file.

If an appropriate position isn't listed among the default choices (Sr. Partner, Jr. Partner, Associate, Paralegal, Secretary, Research) you can create additional positions via the Billing Codes screen.

Once all the Timekeepers are set to the proper position, you can assign rates based on those positions to each matter.

Setting the rates on the Client card

Choose the Client module > Client tab and pull up a Client card
Click the Billing sidetab
In the Time & Billing rates section, change the default setting from Staff to Matter. A dialog box will pop-up "This will set all of this Client's Matters to use Position Based Rates"
Click OK
You will then be presented with a list of the Billing positions. Select one from the list (ex. Sr. Partner)
Enter the default rate for this Billing position
Click the Add button and repeat the process until you have rates assigned for every Billing Position required
When you are finished, all the positions and rates will be listed in the window
Click Accept to save your changes.

Hint - If you need to setup rates for all clients, you do not have to save and exit each time, being taken back to the Brief Accounting splash screen. Go to the Client module > Client tab > Check the Any checkbox and click OK. You will be presented with a list of all clients. Pull up the first client on the list and set the rates. When complete, click on the Client sidetab to be taken back to the main client card. Click the Next button at the bottom to browse to the next client, click the Billing sidetab, setup rates and repeat working your way through the list.

Setting the rates at the Matter level

When a client has multiple matters and the matters do not share the "default" client rate, you need to set the rate at the matter level. To do this:

Choose the Client module > Client Card and pull up the client in question
Click the Billing sidetab
Uncheck the check box labeled "Client Based Rates". Un-checking this box will allow you to set rates at the matter level

Click the Client sidetab to go back to the main Client card screen
Go to the Matter card for the matter that you want to set the rate. You can do this by double clicking one of the matters in the list on the client card, or from the main Brief Accounting screen by clicking the Matter tab.
Pull up the Matter card and click the Billing sidetab
You will see that you are now enabled to edit the rates on the Matter card > Billing sidetab
Double click any of the Billing Positions and set the unique matter rates
Click OK when you are finished.

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