DocketMan - Slip Entry

Once logged in to DocketMan, click on the Time & Expenses heading and click the New button to open a new slip:


A blank slip will be displayed:


Enter the Slip information as follows:


Select the Timekeeper using the dropdown menu, or alternately type a portion of the timekeeper's name into the field.


TIP: Use the tab key on your keyboard to move the curser from field to field on the New Slip screen.



Click the calendar icon to select the date, or type in the date in the format mm/dd/yy. Click the Today button to select the current date for the slip.



Codes are used as shortcuts to slip descriptions. These are set up in Brief Accounting:

Setting up Time Codes

Setting up Disbursement Codes




This is the description of the time or disbursement activity that will appear on the client's invoice.



Click Start to begin timing a time activity. Click Stop to pause the timer or to complete timing. The hours that are timed will populate the Hours field on the slip when the timer is stopped.



Enter the hours worked on the time activity.



The rate should automatically populate based on the Timekeeper and the Matter. It can be typed or overwritten if necessary.


Click Save once the slip details have been completed.


TIP: See Keyboard Shortcuts when creating slips.



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