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Time Activity Codes


Time Activity Codes are an abbreviation assigned to a Time Activity to automate data entry. The description time, rate, GL Account and tax are set according to reformatted activity code defaults. Entering codes is optional but is a great time saver. For example, the code "fsc" might represent File a Statement of Claim, and represent a default value of 0.01 hours, affecting GL account 4001 (Fees) and be both GST and PST taxable.

Accessing Time Activity Codes:

Go to the "Lists" module
Click on the "Time Codes" tab
You can edit any time code by double-clicking on it or create a new one by clicking the New button



Features of the Activity Code

New codes can be entered (or existing codes modified) directly from the Activity Code setup list, or indirectly from within the Time & Billing module. When searching for a particular activity code, a list of descriptions can be displayed by entering the first letter of the code.

Activity Code

The code is an abbreviation for the description, time, rate, GL account and tax associated with a particular activity. It can contain letters or numbers and should be less than 8 characters long.


A Time or Disbursement Slip cannot be processed without a description. Therefore, by using a code, a description of the activity is automatically entered. If the description is long, using entry codes can save a lot of typing.


Default Quantity - Time: This figure presets the number of hours attached to an activity but can be overridden in the Time & Billing module. Time is entered in tenths of an hour (6 minutes).

GL Account: GL Account numbers are used during the posting of a slip to debit or credit the appropriate GL Accounts. Time activities are credited to the 4000 - 4499 series of GL Accounts. Typically, time activities are credited to the "Client Fees" GL Account. Disbursements are credited to the 4500 - 4999 series of GL Accounts. These are usually credited to the "Disbursements Recovered" GL Account.


Edit Codes & Lists

Activity codes can be indirectly created or edited from within the Time & Billing module. When creating or editing a Time & Billing slip, clicking the "Edit Code" button will create or modify the activity code list using the information displayed on the screen. For example, the user may use a quick entry code to create a slip to recapture postage at 49 cents per stamp. Stamps, however, are now 52 cents. After the changes have been made on screen, click the "Edit Code" button. Now, all future uses of this code will use a default of 52 cents.



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