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Disbursement Codes


Disbursement Codes are an abbreviation assigned to a Disbursement to automate data entry. The description, time, rate, and tax are set according to preformatted disbursement code defaults. Entering codes is optional but is a great time saver. For example, the code "ldt" might represent Long Distance Telephone Call. Like Activity Codes, disbursement codes can be entered or existing codes changed directly in the disbursement codes entry screen, or indirectly in the Time & Billing module by clicking on the Edit Code button.


Accessing Disbursement Activity Codes:

Go to the "Lists" module
Click on the "Disburse" tab
You can edit any time code by double-clicking on it or create a new one by clicking the New button

Features of the Activity Code

The most noticeable difference between activity codes and disbursement codes is the use of a default rate. Whereas the use of a default rate is rare in activity codes, it is quite common in disbursement codes. Anytime there is a standard charge for a disbursement item, a default rate should be used.


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