Enter an Accounts Receivable Receipt

Once an invoice has been posted in a matter, an Accounts Receivable balance is created for that matter. An Accounts Receivable receipt can be entered when payment is received from the client. A receipt can be applied towards a single mater or towards multiple matters.

Purpose of Lesson:

You will learn how to apply a payment received against an existing invoice.

The Situation:

Clara White sends a payment to be applied towards outstanding Invoice No. 20100004.

The Solution:

From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the Accounts Receivable (A/R) module icon. Click the Receipt tab:


A blank receipt is displayed:


Enter 20100004 into the Invoice Number field and press the "tab" key. The details from the invoice are automatically populated in to the receipt:


NOTE: If the invoice number that the payment is to be applied to is unknown, the file number can be entered in the File No field of the receipt. Entering the file number and pressing "tab" key will populate the A/R receipt. If multiple A/R invoices for the matter are outstanding, a list of the outstanding invoices will be displayed. One or multiple invoices can be selected to pay with a single receipt.

Notice the A/R Disbursement section at the bottom of the receipt. The Invoice Number, File Number, Matter description and Amount are populated. When the receipt is posted it will be applied to the Invoice(s) listed in this section.

If a payment is applied to multiple invoices, each will be listed in the A/R Disbursement Section.

Once the receipt is filled out, click Post. Prompts will be displayed to post and print the receipt.


Go to: Print an Accounts Receivable Statement







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