Print an Accounts Receivable Statement

For clients with an Accounts Receivable balance owing, but no new time or costs to be billed, they should receive an A/R Statement, outlining any outstanding invoices and the total balance owing. Receivables Statements can be printed individually or in batch.

The Situation:

You want to send a Receivables Statement to your client, Harold Green

The Solution:

 From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the A/R Module icon. Click the Statement tab:


Enter "greenh" into the File No field and Click OK:


A list of any outdenting (unpaid) invoices is displayed. In this case there is a single outstanding invoice. Click the Print icon:


Leave Statement of Account selected. The options to include interest and remittance advice can also be selected. Select "Printer" and click Print to print the Statement:



NOTE: The default view on the A/R Statement is Outstanding (meaning unpaid invoices and any partial payments towards the invoices). Once a receipt has paid an invoice in full it moves from the Outstanding Screen to the Paid screen. Paid items can be viewed by selecting the "Paid" tab of the Statement screen:




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