Create a New Client and Matter

Any time a new matter is opened, either for a new or an existing client, a Matter Card must created. Every Matter is associated with a Client. A single Client may have one or several Matters belonging to it.

Purpose of Lesson:

Learn how to quickly create a new Matter.

The Situation:

You are acting for a NEW client, Suzanne Johnson, and must set up a new Matter Card relating to a property purchase.

The Solution:

 Select the Clients icon on the Home screen. Click the New icon:


A blank Matter card is displayed. Type "Johnson" into the Client field and press the "tab" key:


A dialog box is displayed prompting you to create a new client. Click OK:


A new Client Card is displayed. Navigate through the fields using the "tab" key and fill in the client information. Click Accept when finished:


Clicking Accept will display a new Matter card belonging to the client where the matter-specific details can be entered. Enter the matter information and click Accept:


After clicking Accept you will be returned to the Home screen.

Go to: Enter Time & Disbursement Slips



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