Enter Time & Disbursement Slips

In many firms, it is common to enter time slips into a separate timekeeper accessory application, Brief EnCounter, and to import the time slips into Brief Accounting. Slips can also be entered into Brief Accounting directly.

Purpose of Lesson:

Learn how to enter time and disbursement slips directly into Brief Accounting.

The Situation:

A timekeeper wants to log her time for a letter she has written for her client, Clara White. She also wants to bill Clara white for courier fees.

The Solution:

Select the Billing icon, then click the New icon:


A dialog box will prompt you to create a new slip. Click OK:


Enter the file number for the client (WHITEC) and hit the "Tab" key. The Client Name and Matter Description are automatically filled in:


In the Codes field, enter "L" and press the "Tab" key. This will display a list of pre-loaded activities beginning with "L":


Note: The list of codes and descriptions is completely customizable to meet your requirements.

Click on "Letter to client". The description (which may be edited or extended) and the default hours are automatically inserted into the Slip Description field:


Tab to the Hours field. Type 0.3 and hit the "tab" key. The slip amount will re-caulculate:


When finished, click the New icon at the top of the screen. Clicking "New" saves the slip that was being worked on and opens a new blank time slip for the same matter.

Since the next item being entered is a courier cost, select "Disbursement" as the slip type:


Enter the Description, Quantity and amount of Each and click Accept to save the slip:


You will be returned to a list of all unbilled disbursements for the matter.

Go to: Modifying Slips


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