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General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Time & Billing are linked and fully integrated to General Receipts and Checks. Receipt and Check posting is intelligent in that it defaults to the current date and the client and vendor information is automatically referenced from the appropriate client or vendor list and includes full name and address.

Default General Ledger (GL) account and tax information (if applicable) can be attached to a vendor to aid in the automatic GL distribution of a check.

To Enter an Office Check:

Select the Office module icon > Check tab:


If prompted, select the General account that will be used for the check.

NOTE: A prompt to select an account will only appear if more then once General Account exists in Brief Accounting. If there is only a single General Account, then a new blank Office check is displayed.

The check date defaults to the current date. This can be overwritten manually to pre or post date the check.

Navigate through the check fields using the Tab keyboard key.

Enter the payee in the "Pay to the order of" field.

A lookup is available on the "Pay to the order of" field. If the check being entered is to a vendor setup in the Vendor List module, the first letter(s) of the vendor name can be entered. Then, by clicking the Tab key, the Vendor name is automatically inserted. If you have assigned a default GL account to that vendor, it will be inserted as well in the GL distribution area.If a default GL account is assigned to the Vendor, the GL Account is automatically used on the check.

Enter the check amount in the amount field.

In the Reference field, enter a check description.

In the GL No field, enter the GL number that should be Debited.

A lookup is also available for the GL No field. For example, enter a "6" in the GL No field and click the tab key. A list of all GL Accounts beginning with 6 (Expense general ledger accounts) is displayed:


Select from the list the appropriate Expense GL Account for the check being written:


The Debit and Credit amounts on an office check must equal one another and the Balance to Distribute must read "NIL". A Check cannot be posted of Debits and Credits are out of balance. An Office Check check can be disbursed across as many different Debit GL accounts as is necessary provided Debits and Credits are equal:


NOTE: Most office checks will be written for expensed (GL Accounts beginning with 6).

If a check is being written for Client Costs to be Disbursed, the process is slightly different - click below for detail:



Once the fields are completed and the GL Distribution is in balance, click Post to post and print the check, or click New to enter another check. Checks can be posted individually as they are entered or in batch at a later date.

Tip: If prompted for the General Bank Account number, enter "G" in the account field and click OK. A list of all General Bank Accounts is displayed.

Tip: There is a "hotspot" on a general office check. A hotspot is a button that can be clicked to automatically insert information into a given field. Click the small round button beside the firm name at the top. This will insert the firm name in the Pay to the order of field:


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