Enter an Office Check for Disbursements


When an Office Check is entered to a Vendor (for a firm expense) an appropriate 6000 series Expense GL Account is used on the check.

When a check is written for a recoverable client cost, the Client Disbursement GL Account 5001 should be debited on the check. This is used on checks for any costs that will be disbursed back to the client.

When GL 5001 is used and the File Number(s) entered on the check, Brief Accounting generates the cost slips for the expense in the Billing Module:


Credit card bill is $200.00 composed of:

  • $50.00 for firm telephone costs
  • $150.00 for Filing Fees paid on behalf of three different matters

The check would be entered as below:


The $50.00 firm cost debits the expense GL account.

The $150.00 client costs debits the disbursement GL 5001.

IMPORTANT: The T&B Side menu option should then be selected on the check as below.

This allows the file number(s) and amounts of the client disbursements to be allocated:



With the file number(s) and disbursement amount(s) entered the GL side menu option should be selected and the check can be saved or posted.

If the check is being written for a client cost for only a single matter, the File Number can be entered on the check itself:


Note: The T&B side menu option MUST still be selected to generate the Disbursement slip in the Billing module.

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