Modifying Slips

Any unbilled slips can be modified, either individually or in batch. The Modify button allows slips to be changed in batch for a single matter. All slips or a sub-set of slips for a matter can be modified without having to change each slip individually.

Purpose of Lesson:

Learn how to modify a sub-set of disbursement slips for a single matter.

The Situation:

The cost of photocopies has top be changed from $0.25 to $0.35 in File No WHITEC.

The Solution:

From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the Billing icon, then click the Disbursement tab:


Enter the file number WHITEC and hit the "tab" key:


Click OK to display a list of unbilled disbursement slips for WHITEC:


Since only the photocopy slips require a modification, the displayed list must be filtered to display only the photocopy slips. To filter the list, click the small magnifying glass icon beside the Description column heading.

Type "photo" into the resulting search screen and click Search:


A list of disbursements matching the search criteria will is displayed:



Note: It important to filter the list of slips so only the the slips to be modified are displayed. Using the Modify button will modify ALL slips visible on the screen when it is clicked.

With only the slips to be modified visible on the screen, click the Modify button at the bottom. A list of slip attributes that may be modified is displayed:


Click in the Cost Each checkbox. Enter 0.35 and click OK:


All of the photocopy slips are updated to a cost each of $0.35:



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