New Brief EnCounter 6.5 Installation

This installation can be run on OS X 10.11 - 10.15.

PLEASE NOTE: If an existing installation is being replaced, please ensure users export all existing slips in the old installation before putting this new installation in place. The new installation below replaces both the application AND the existing data.

1- Please download your Brief EnCounter installation from the following URL:

CONTACT for download URL

The resultant "be65new.pkg" installer will be located in your Downloads folder (or the default location for downloaded files).

2- PLEASE NOTE - You can't just double-click the installer application. To launch.

Browse via Finder to your Downloads folder. Right+Click and Select Open from the small menu that comes up.

      Screen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_1.02.52_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2020-02-07_at_1.39.48_PM.png

A dialog box will pop up with a warning. Click the Open button.

Click Continue through the installation steps. You will be prompted to enter your OS X password.

Leave the default installation location.

3- Select the Applications > Brief EnCounter folder and double-click the Brief EnCounter application to open

This is a blank installation. When launched, enter the firm name and click OK:


4- Import a full matter list update from Brief Accounting

A complete matter list must be created in Brief Accounting for import into the new Brief EnCounter installation.

In Brief Accounting select the Billing module icon > Imp/Export button


Select the Export File option and OK:


Use the Modified After date "00/00/00"


Click OK and save the matter export file.

The export file will be named "Import BE" with the date of the export:


In Brief EnCounter, click the Import button then browse to and select the Matter update file (.XML file) that was created above.


When import is complete, Brief EnCounter will be setup with all matters, codes, rates and timekeepers.

Please contact if you require any assistance.


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