Posting a Time & Billing Invoice

A Time & Billing Invoice consists of individual time and disbursement slips. When an invoice is posted, the time and disbursement slips move from Billable status to Billed status. The invoice is recorded in Accounts Receivable as outstanding until it is paid.

Purpose of Lesson:

This lesson covers posting and printing a single Time & Billing Invoice.

The Situation:

You have reviewed the prebill for Clara White and are ready to post and print the September invoice to be sent to the client.

The Solution:

From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the Billing module icon > Summary tab:


The Find Files/Matter(s) dialog box is displayed. Enter the file number "whitec", change the Date Ending to September 30 and click OK:


A Summary of activities will appear for file WHITEC. The total number and amount of time and disbursement entries are displayed:


Click the Post button at the bottom of the Summary screen. Click Post on the resultant Print and Post Slips screen:


You will be prompted to confirm the client's address. Click OK:


The following dialog box will be displayed allowing various options to be displayed on the invoice. Click the Print icon to print the invoice to screen:


The invoice is displayed on screen in Preview:


A final copy of the invoice is printed with an auto-assigned invoice number on the top right. A posted invoice may be reprinted with different printing options, but individual time and disbursements cannot be edited on a posted invoice. In order to edit items on a posted invoice, it can be reversed, moving the slips back to billable status to allow editing before reposting.


Go to: Enter an Accounts Receivable Receipt









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