Downloading and Installing the Brief Accounting Demo

The Brief Accounting Demo is a fully functional version of Brief Accounting that does not expire. It can be used for as long as necessary to work through and become familiar with Brief Accounting.

The system requirements to install the run and install the demo are:

  • Mac OS X v10.11 through v10.14
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 300 MB of available disk space

Download the Brief Accounting Demo installer from below:

Click here to download

Once downloaded, if not already uncompressed, double click on the file in your downloads to uncompress.

Double-click on the Brief Accounting Demo.pkg to run the Brief Accounting Demo installer:


Your OS X password is required to run the installer.

The installer will create a Brief Accounting Demo folder inside your Applications folder.

Go to: Logging In to Brief Accounting

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