Docketman - New Slip Entry


Slip entry is quick and easy with the Docketman application. On login you are presented with the Docketman Home Screen:




1. Click the Slips icon

2. Click the + icon at the top of the Slips screen:




3. You are presented with a blank slip. Click the Matter field to select the Matter you wish to work on.




4. You can enter part of the Client's name or File Number in the Search field at the top or you can scroll the full list to find your Matter:




5. All of the usual slip fields are available for editing, including Codes to use a shortcut Code to fill in the Description field:




6. When you are finished entering the slip, click Done at the top:




You will be taken back to the Slips screen. You can click the + icon to add another slip or proceed with sending the slip(s) to Brief Accounting.

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