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The Brief Accounting Office module has a Cut HST Cheque feature. Brief Accounting will calculate the HST Payable as at a specified date based on the balance in your HST Remittable and your HST Refundable accounts. Brief Accounting enters the information into the cheque and fills in the GL Distribution.


Cut HST Cheque

Choose the Office module > Cheque tab
Enter General Bank Account (if more than one) and click OK
Select the Special menu and Cut GST Cheque

NOTE: The menu reads Cut GST Cheque - this is the function you need to select to cut your HST Cheque

Enter the Reporting period and click OK


Brief Accounting will display the Total Sales, HST Collected, Input Tax Credits and Net Tax Payable. These figures can be used to fill in your HST  submission form.


Click OK and you will be presented with a cheque filled in with all of the applicable details. Proceed with posting and printing.


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