Office Accounting - Search for a Check or Receipt

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Office Accounting - Search for a Check or Receipt


If you need to view the details of a previously posted office check or receipt, you can search for it via the Office Journal. You can use the various journal filters to find the item.


Choose Office module > Journal tab
Enter the bank account number (if you only have one general account, you will not be prompted for the number)

Double click one of the months listed in the Journal summary. You do not have to choose the month that contains the item you are looking for.

Alternately, you can click the Show All button at the bottom to view all Checks and Receipts.

Click on any of the column headings at the top of the various columns to bring up the search filter.

You can search on:
Particulars (Received From or Payee)
File No.
Reference No (Receipt or Check Number)
Receipt (Receipt Amount)
Check (Check Amount)

Date, Receipt and Check give you the "From... To" search option so you can search a range of dates or numbers. The other columns give you the option to search for "Begins with", "Contains" or "Exact Match".


After you have entered your search parameters, click OK. You will be presented with a list of transactions that match your search parameters.


After you find the transaction you are searching for, you can drill down to the transaction details.

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