Trust Accounting - Create a New Trust Bank Account

1. Create new Debit and Credit GL Accounts:

Select the GL module.

Click the "New" icon at the top of the screen.

Select New Chart of Account and click OK:


Enter an Asset GL Account number (example: "1117")

Enter a Description (example: "RBC - Trust") and click Accept:


Click the "New" icon again and create a new Liability GL Account.

For example, GL 2117 RBC - Trust Liability:


2. Create a New Bank

Select the Bank icon > Click the "New" icon at the top of the screen:


Enter the Bank Name and hit the tab key on the keyboard.

A New Bank window will appear. Click OK to enter the new bank into Brief Accounting:


Enter the bank information and click Accept.

3. Enter the New Account Information

Enter the Account number.

Set the Type to Trust Account.

Enter the Asset GL account (as created above) in the GL Debit field.

Enter the Liability GL account (as created above) in the GL Credit field.

Set the next Check Number and turn "Check Printing On" if applicable

Click Accept:



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