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Enter an office check for disbursements


When you enter an office check to a Vendor, you should Debit all firm costs to an appropriate 6000 series expense GL account. All recoverable client costs should be Debited to the Client Disburse GL 5001. GL 5001 should be used for any costs you are going to disburse back to a client.

When you use GL 5001 and enter the File Number(s) for the disbursement on the check, Brief Accounting automatically generates the cost slip(s) for you in the Billing module.

Here is an example:

You receive a credit card bill for $200.

$50 is for the firm Telephone bill
$150 is for File Fees the firm paid on behalf of three different clients

Here is what the check would look like:


The $50 firm cost will Debit the 6000 series expense GL. The $150 charge that is going to be disbursed back to clients will Debit the Client Disburse GL 5001.

With this information entered, you will now click the T&B sidetab to indicate the File Numbers to which the three $50 filing fee charges will be disbursed. By clicking the T&B sidetab and entering the file numbers, you will automatically generate the cost slips back in the Billing module. Here is what the T&B sidetab would look like:


After you have entered the file numbers and amounts, you can click back on the GL sidetab and post the check (or enter another one).

If the check is only for a single cost billed back to a single matter, you can simply enter the file number on the main check screen itself.




Defaults can be set with regard to the auto-creation of disbursement slips.
Choose the Company module > Defaults tab > Settings sidetab

Note the settings options under "Auto Create Office Check T&B Disbursement:"
On - If selected, disbursement slip is created automatically if GL 5001 is used and File Number is entered.
Prompt - If GL 5001 is used and File Number is entered you will be prompted to create disbursement slip.
Off - Disbursement slips will not be automatically created.

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