Trust Accounting - Post a Check

If a trust receipt has been posted to a matter and there is a balance of funds in trust, then a trust check may be written on that matter. The check amount may not exceed the available trust balance for the matter.

To enter a trust check:

From the Brief Accounting Home screen, select the Trust icon > Check tab:


Enter the File Number and click OK:


A new blank check for the matter is displayed. Note the available trust balance on the bottom right of the check:


Fill in the check detail, changing the date if required:


Once the check detail is filled out, click Post (to finalize and post the check).

Clicking Accept saves the check. Saved checks can still be changed before posting, or deleted if required.

Clicking New saves the current check and displays a new blank check.

Once a trust check has been posted it may not be edited. Only the check number may be changed by reprinting a posted trust check.

Tip: Clicking the small round button beside the Pay to Order of field inserts the client's name into that field. Clicking the blue firm name text inserts the firm name into the Pay to Order of field. Clicking the small round button beside the Reason field inserts "Fees and Disbursements".

Note the Check No field on the check:

If the Check No field has a number assigned, this indicates that check printing is turned off for the trust account. If the Check No field reads "request", this indicates that check printing is turned on and Brief Accounting will assign a a check number at the time of check printing.

Check printing can be turned on or off by selecting the Bank icon > Account tab from the Brief Accounting Home screen and entering the relevant trust account.


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