Trust Accounting - Post a Receipt

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Trust Accounting - Post a Receipt


When you receive funds from a client for their trust account, you need to post a trust receipt.


Choose the Trust module > Receipt tab
Enter the File Number and click OK
Fill in the receipt details. Pay particular attention to the date
The Recevied From field and the Amount field are the only two required fields


When all your detail is entered Click Post or click New to enter another receipt and post this item in batch later

Tip! Note the small round buttons beside the Received From field and the Reason field. These are "Hot Spot" buttons. Click to automatically insert commonly used data into the field. Clicking the Received From button automatically inserts the client's name. Clicking the Reason button automatically inserts the text "Received on Account".


Once you have posted the receipt, it is written to the General Ledger. You can now write trust checks on the account.

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