Creating New Client and Matter Cards

Creating New Client and Matter Cards:

Any time you act for a new or existing client, a new matter card must be setup. One client can have multiple matters. Each matter is given a unique file number up to 10 characters in length.

Each client information card is set up only once in Brief Accounting. A client can have multiple matters active at the same time, each with its own unique matter number. Brief Accounting can automatically suggest matter numbers for new clients, or you can over-ride the suggestion and enter in your own alpha-numeric code. Notes can be attached to each client and matter.

Brief Accounting helps you manage your client database by:

  • Entering client information only once
  • Allowing multiple matters per client
  • Automating matter file numbering
  • Showing up-to-date account balances and last transaction date on matter card
  • Using task oriented data entry
  • Searching quickly and intelligently
  • Tying billing rate and trust bank account information to the matter


Creating a New Matter for an Existing Client:

Select the Clients module, then click the New icon: 


A new blank Matter card will appear.

Type the client name, or part of the client name, into the Client field and press the "tab" key on your keyboard. The full Client name and contact information will populate the client card.


Note: The file number is automatically assigned. To change the file number from the default, click on the file number, enter the new file number and click Update:


You can then use the tab key on your keyboard to navigate through and populate the remaining matter-specific fields (Opened data, Responsible Attorney, Practice Area, etc.). Click Accept when finished:



Short Description is a brief description of the matter and is seen on summary screens in other areas of Brief Accounting.

Long Description can contain more detail. It can be used when conflict searching or on client invoices if that setting is selected for billing.

The Bank Account is the trust account that you want associated with the matter.

Clicking Cancel closes the matter card and does not save the information.

Clicking Accept closes the matter card and saves the information.


Create a New Matter for a New Client:

Select the Clients module, then click the New icon: 


A blank matter card will appear.

Type in the client name and hit the tab key on your keyboard.

You will be prompted to create a new client. Click OK:


Fill in the remaining Client information and click Accept.

A new Matter card for the client will be displayed. Enter any matter-specific information (as above) and click Accept when finished.


Client and Matter information can be edited at any time. To edit Client-specific information select the Client module > Client tab. Enter the client name (or partial client name) and click OK.

To edit Matter-specific information, select the Client module > Matter tab. Enter the file number and click OK.

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