Getting Started with Brief EnCounter

The following section outlines the functionality of the slip entry application, Brief EnCounter, and how it works in conjunction with the central accounting application, Brief Accounting.

1. Overview of Brief EnCounter

Brief EnCounter is the Timekeeper accessory application that works in conjunction with Brief Accounting. It is used by Timekeepers to enter time and disbursement slips. It is a stand-alone application separate from Brief Accounting.

2. Keeping information Updated in Brief EnCounter

In order to enter slips into Brief EnCounter, it is imperative that it contains up to date Matter Lists, Timekeepers and Rates from Brief Accounting. This information first needs to be exported from Brief Accounting. The file that results from the Brief Accounting export contains the date of the export and uses the format below:

Import BE Nov_5_19.xml

To bring this information into Brief EnCounter:

1. From the Brief EnCounter home Screen, Click the Import button:


 2. Click to select the file that was created from the Brief Accounting Export and click the Import button:


Once imported, up to date Matters, Timekeepers, Rates and Codes are available in Brief EnCounter.

3. Enter Time (or Cost) Slips

From the Brief EnCounter home screen, click the New icon at the top of the screen to open a blank slip. Enter the details of the time or cost.


4. Send the Slips to Brief Accounting

Once the slips are entered in Brief EnCounter, they must be sent to the central accounting application, Brief Accounting, so that they can be included on an invoice. To export the slips from Brief EnCounter, simply click the Export button at the top of the screen:


This will create a slips file that incorporates the timekeeper's initials and the date similar to below:



NOTE: It is possible to filter the list of slips sent to Brief Accounting so that not all slips are included in the export.

The file can then be given to the Brief Accounting user for import. Often this is done using a shared folder on the network that is setup for timekeepers to drop slip export files into.


More detailed information on Brief EnCounter can be found in the Brief EnCounter section of the Brief Accounting Knowledge Base.

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