Getting Started with Office Accounting

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The following information will assist you through the general process of getting your bank accounts set up as well as writing checks and taking receipts. Clicking on each section heading below will take you detailed instructions on each topic.


1. Create a Bank Account

Your Brief Accounting installation may already have your bank account(s) set up, but if not, or if you need to add a new bank account, you can do so through the Bank module.


2. Write a Check

Once you bank account has been set up, you can write checks from Brief Accounting.

3. Write a Check to Auto-Create a Disbursement

By debiting a specific GL number (5001) when writing a check, you can auto-create Disbursement (cost) slips in the Time & Billing module. The cost slips can be assigned to one or more files depending on the nature of the expense.


4. Take an Office Receipt

When receipting funds that are not attributed to Accounts Receivable for any specific matter, you will need to take an Office Receipt.

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