Remote Access - TeamViewer installation for Mac

TeamViewer allows the Support Team at Brief Legal Software to access your computer (or server) ONLY WITH YOUR PERMISSION in order to assist you with any troubleshooting or support issues that arise.

To install:

Download the TeamViewer software:


The TeamViewer.dmg installer will be saved to your downloads folder.

Open Finder, browse to the downloads folder, double-click the TeamViewer.dmg file to run:


In the resultant window double-click the icon:


Follow the installation steps - your OS X password is required.

Once installed, open the TeamViewer application from your Applications folder:


Once launched, a window will open.

Under Allow Remote Control an ID and Password will be displayed.

Please let Brief Legal know the displayed ID and Password so that they can connect to your computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If installing on OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or 10.15 (Catalina):

The setting change below must be made in order to allow remote access.

Select the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
Select Security & Privacy.
Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner and enter your password:


Select the Privacy tab > Accessibility option.
Add a check next to all TeamViewer apps in the right panel of the Security & Privacy dialog.
Close the Security & Privacy dialog.


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