Remote Access - TeamViewer installation for Mac

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Remote Access - TeamViewer installation for Mac


TeamViewer allows the Support Team at Brief Legal Software to access your computer (or server) ONLY WITH YOUR PERMISSION in order to assist you with any troubleshooting or support issues that arise.


To install:

Download the TeamViewer software:

Click on Download Free for Private Use:


It will download a Disk Image (DMG file) to your Downloads folder (or wherever you specify).

Double click the "TeamViewer.dmg" file if it does not automatically open.

It will open a window that looks like:


Continue through the prompts and the License Agreement.

Select Install and Continue:


Click Continue:


Click Install:


You may need to enter your OS X password.

Select "No" and Continue:


The TeamViewer Application will Install.

Click Close:


If the TeamViewer Application does not open, you can go to your Applications folder and launch the TeamViewer application.

A window will open and under Allow Remote Control an ID and Password will be displayed.

Email the ID and Password to and confirm when it is fine to connect.

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