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Brief Accounting - HST on Vendor's Invoices


In order for Brief Accounting to correctly auto-calculate the GL Distribution of Office Cheques to Vendors, the following setting for each vendor must be in place:

Make sure that the PST in Invoice box is not checked.


This needs to be unchecked because Brief Accounting's auto-calculation of the net amount of cheques takes into account PST when this is checked.

For any invoices you receive that have HST, when you write a cheque to the vendor, the GL Distribution will be correct as long as the PST check box on the Vendor card is not checked.

If you receive an invoice from June (where you need to show both PST and GST in the cheque GL Distribution), you will have to manually override the GL Distribution section with the correct amounts.

Additional information on HST in Brief Accounting can be found by clicking here.

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