Printing a Report of Client Write-offs

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Printing a Report of Client Write-offs


There isn't a set report for this in Brief Accounting - but here is something you can do to make things a bit easier:

Choose the A/R module > Journal tab
Double-click any month
Click the filter at the top of the invoice column > Enter -9999999 to -.01

This will filter the list for all the negative invoices

Print this to file > Within Excel, you then need to sort and delete all reversals and dates you do not want

TIP! In the future, you can make this a bit easier by starting to use a consistent description on Credit Memos. If you have some labelled "Credit Memo" and others "Write Off", start using a consistent description such as "Write Off" for all of them. You can then filter the list by the description and will not have to contend with all the reversals.

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