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Invoice Codes


Invoice Codes are an abbreviation assigned to an Invoice to automate the creation of custom invoices. The description, retail, cost, hours, GL Account and tax are set according to pre-formatted invoice code defaults. For example, the code "PPT" might represent the Property Purchase Tax. New codes can be entered or existing codes changed directly in the Invoice Code entry screen, or indirectly in the Accounts Receivable module (by clicking on the Edit Code button).


Accessing Invoice Codes:

Go to the "Lists" module
Click on the "Invoice" tab
You can edit any invoice code by double-clicking on it or create a new one by clicking the New button

Features of Invoice Codes

New codes can be entered (or existing codes modified) directly from the Invoice Code setup list, or indirectly from within the A/R module. When searching for a particular invoice code, a list of descriptions can be displayed by entering the first letter of the code.


This number represents the retail price of the item to the client.


This number represents the cost of the disbursement to the firm. In most instances, other than for fees, this would equal the retail price.


For firms that track time per lawyer, this default will enter a default time for this invoice item. This feature is the only way to track time when using custom invoices for flat fee work.

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