Practice Areas

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Practice Areas

Within the Staff module, users can view a Practice Area List that displays all practice areas and corresponding codes. These areas and codes can be modified in the Practice Area Detail screen which will reset them for all existing and new matters using those specific Practice Areas. Moreover, they can be linked to information screens allowing for entry of related data into the matter's information screen and subsequent searching for information.



A few brief facts about Practice Areas  

Existing Practice Areas can be edited and new ones created in the Staff module > Practice tab

  • To create a new Practice Area - click the New button > Navigate through and fill in the fields > Click Accept

A Practice Area can be set for a given matter in the Client module on a Matter card
  • To toggle a list of Practice Areas, type "@" in the Practice Area field

You can set the Default Practice Area for new matters created by a given user on that user's Staff card in the Staff module


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