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Bank Reconciliation - Entering a bank error


Bank errors are amounts either added or subtracted from the Bank Account in error. These errors, which appear on the Bank Statement, will be reversed in a future period, presumably once the Bank has been notified about the error.

In order to reconcile the Bank Account, these transactions must be entered and tracked to ensure their subsequent reversal.

Choose the Bank Rec icon > Errors tab

Enter the Bank Account number

Enter the appropriate Month and Year to reconcile > Click OK

A list of all bank errors, both cleared and outstanding, will appear
Click the New button to enter a new bank error

Enter the error information > Click Accept

A list of newly entered and any previously entered errors will be displayed

Double-clicking any error in the list will display the detail for the item


The Transaction Date is the date the Bank entered the error in the Bank Statement. This is important to ensure that it falls into the correct reconciliation period.

The Amount of the error made by the bank is entered as either a positive or negative amount depending on the type of error. Amounts taken in error by the bank should be added. These are the most common types of mistakes (service charges for checks). Amounts given in error by the bank should be subtracted.

The Reference is the reason for entering the error and is mandatory.

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