Entering a Bank Error

Bank Errors are amounts either added to or subtracted from the Bank Account in Error. These errors, which appear on the bank statement, will be corrected in a subsequent month by the bank and will be reflected on the bank statement at that time.

In order to reconcile the bank account when an error has occurred, the errors must be entered in the month in which they occurred:

Select the Bank Rec icon > Errors tab:


Enter the Account and the month that is to be reconciled. Click OK:


If any previous bank errors have been entered, they will be listed.

Click the "New" icon to enter the new bank error:

Enter the date, description and amount of the error and click Accept:


The transaction date is the date that the bank made the error.

Any amounts taken in error by the bank are entered as a positive amount.

Any amounts given in error by the bank are entered as a negative amount.

Note: Do not click the Cleared Bank checkbox on the bank error until the month in which the error is corrected by the bank.

See Clearing Bank Errors.

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