Bank Reconciliation - Clearing Checks

Select the Bank Rec icon > Clear Checks tab

Enter the Bank Account number

Enter the Month and Year to reconcile > Click OK


A list of outstanding (not yet cleared bank) checks dated up to the selected month-end will be displayed

Click in the "Clear" column beside each item that appears on the bank statement for that month

With the item(s) selected, click the "Clear" button at the bottom to clear the transactions:


Any item can be Cleared or UnCleared by double-clicking on it in the Journal or Client Ledger Card and clicking the cleared check-box. It must have been posted before it can be cleared. Unposted items can be identified by the word "Request" in the folio column.

While completing a Bank Reconciliation, the user is able to quickly enter new receipts for bank interest or new checks for bank charges without having to return to the Trust or General Accounting modules.

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