Reprint a Deposit Slip

When posting receipts, a prompt to print a deposit slip is displayed. If this step is skipped, or you if you wish to add or remove receipts from a deposit slip, the deposit slip can be reprinted with the required receipts included.

This is done via the Bank Reconciliation module.

Select the Bank Rec icon > Clear Receipts tab:


Enter the Account, date of the receipts and click OK:


A list of Receipts is displayed.

Select the "Deposit" option from the side menu:


Click in the Print column beside each receipt that is to be included on the re-printed deposit slip:


Once the receipts are selected, click the Print icon.

You will be prompted to enter a Deposit Slip Number. Enter the number and click OK:


A new Deposit slip will be printed with the selected receipts:


Reprinting and re-assigning receipts top Deposit Slips can be done as many times as necessary.

Even if not using these for deposits at the bank, it is recommended to print deposit slips for each deposit. It greatly helps when trouble-shooting bank reconciliations.

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