Delayed Deposit Slip Printing

BA Icon Delayed Deposit Slip Printing


The deposit slip may also be printed later - just before taking the deposits to the bank. This can be done from either the Post Outstanding or Bank Reconciliation module.


Go to the Post O/S module > Click the Post Rcpts tab

Enter the Bank Account Number or Name > Click OK

Select the "Deposit" side menu option.

Check off all the receipts in the Print column that you wish to be included on the deposit slip. Only items ticked will be included

Items for which deposit slips have not been previously printed will appear at the top of the list and will not have folio (deposit slips) numbers


Click Print > Enter the next deposit slip number and click OK


TIP: It is always a good idea to print deposit slips from Brief Accounting, even if only for your your own records. Should you ever need to troubleshoot a bank rec, having your deposits organized in Brief Accounting will greatly simplify the process!

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