Billings Report by Columns

The Billings Report by Columns will show you time and disbursements billed and fees paid within a specified date range and an be run for speicific client and matters. 

To run the report:

Select the Reports menu > Billings Report Option

Select Billings Report and Columns check boxes.

If you want to include Disbursements click the Options button:


Select the Disbursements check box. You can also choose to include Non-Billable entries on this screen:


You can filter this report for Date Range, Client, Matter, Responsible Attorney, etc.

The results of the report can be interpreted as below:


T&B Billable (Unbilled):

Total amount of slips dated within the report date range that have not yet been billed (sitting as billable slips).

T&B Billable (Billed):

Total amount of slips dated within the date range of the report that have been billed. The billing date (invoice date) could be dated after the report date range. It is the date of the slips themselves that matter for this report.

T&B Billed:

This is based on an invoice date (billing date) that falls within the date range of the report.
Slips could be dated prior to the report date range, but if they were billed during the report date range, they are included.

Accounts Receivable - Fees Billed and Fees Paid:

This is based on the Fees portion of Invoices and Payments in A/R dated within the date range of the report.


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