Aged Receivables

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Aged A/R Report


The Aged Report can be printed with invoices sorted numerically by matter number, the date the invoice was created or by the responsible lawyer. The dialog box enables the user to sort the Aging Report in any one of four formats.

Aged A/R

A schedule listing accounts receivable, aged by the number of days each account has been unpaid, as at a specific month end.


Cash Basis A/R

The report includes a general ledger summary that can be used to enter the appropriate adjusting journal entries to convert "Accrued" Accounts Receivable financials to "Cash" Accounts Receivable financials. This report applies outstanding payments first to outstanding Taxes, then Hard Costs, Soft Costs and finally Fees. The report also lists over payments.


Write-off as at

This report generates a list of accounts remaining unpaid beyond the number of days set by the user.


Break out Fees, Costs...

A schedule that breaks out unpaid invoices according to the general ledger accounts to which the invoice items were posted. Unapplied payments are applied against outstanding invoices starting with the oldest Taxes (<4000), then Disbursements Recovered or Hard Costs (4500-4699), then Other Charges or Soft Costs (4700-4999) and lastly Fees (4000-4499).


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