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Within "Financials" in the Reports Menu, users can choose to view a Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement or General Ledger.

Trial Balance

The Trial Balance can be printed to a disk file that can be opened with any word processor or spreadsheet for further editing (for example: an auditor's working trial balance at year-end). It produces a list of accounts from the GL including their name, number, category and balance over a specified date range. The "Control" accounts are indicated so that the suer can check that the totals agree with other reports such as Bank Reconciliations.


Balance Sheet

A comparative statement for two reporting periods comparing the assets, liabilities and owner equity as at a certain date.

Income Statement

A comparative statement for two reporting periods comparing the revenues earned, the expenses incurred and the resulting net income or net loss over the period set by the user.


General Ledger

One or all of the financial statement accounts can be printed for a specified time period. The user has the option of listing a summary or detailed transaction for each account. All General Ledger Accounts should be printed at year-end in a summary format.


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