Work-In-Progress Report (WIP)

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Work-In-Progress Report (WIP)

The Work-In-Progress Report is a powerful management tool for monitoring productivity and accessing potential profitability. For each General Ledger account, it will show how much work has been recorded by not billed.

WIP Summary

This report prints a summary of Time & Billing slips which sorted by file number and include Time Activities, Disbursements/Costs, Trust balance and A/R balance for WIP files. It may include a breakdown of both "Hard" and "Soft" costs - provided a General Ledger account has been set up with the 4700-4999 range.


WIP Time & Billing Slips List

This report prints a list of time slips based upon the search criteria entered. Used in combination with the listed options, it can, for example, list all non-billable disbursements for all lawyers and all matters, or list all slips for a particular lawyer entered so far in the current month.


WIP General Ledger Summary

This report prints a General Ledger Summary of all "billable" and "unbilled" Time & Billing Slips. Printing this report updates the WIP General Ledger Control account balances for financial reporting as the specified date. To clear these accounts, see "Clear Work-In-Progress GL" below.


Clear Work-In-Progress GL

Selecting the Clear Work-In-Progress GL option and clicking the "Clear" button clears the Work-In-Progress General Ledger Control account balances.

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