FAQ: How do I enter a refund from a Vendor?

A vendor sends your firm a refund - how should this be entered in order to be reflected in both the general account and in accounts payable for that vendor?

This scenario requires an office receipt to be entered with a few very specific steps to take:


Select the Office module > Receipt tab. If you have more than one general account, you will be prompted to specify which account the receipt is for.

On the new receipt, enter in the receipt details.

Note: The "Received From" must be the exactly the same as the Vendor name in Brief Accounting.

Enter GL "2001" as the GL account to credit. When you enter 2001, you will see the following warning:


Click OK.

Then click on the side drop-down menu and select the AP option:


Make sure the Vendor is listed in the Acounts Payable section:


Once you confirm the above, you can post the receipt.

Once posted, a payment for a negative amount will appear on the vendor's Accounts Payable Statement:



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