Setting Up Index Accounts (GL Sub-Accounts)

In order to group specific GL Accounts together, Brief Accounting uses Index Accounts. To set up Indexing in the General Ledger:

Contact Brief Legal Software ( to enable this functionality.

Once Indexing in turned on, you can create and organize your GL Account groupings.

For example, you want to create an index account for Contract Labor.

Within that account, you want to see a breakdown of:

  • Contract Labor - Consultant
  • Contract Labor - Private Investigator
  • Contract Labor - Lawyer

1. Create the Index Account for Contract Labor:

GL module > New icon at top of screen > select Chart Index.

Enter in the Index Account information and click Accept:


This should return you to the Brief Accounting Home screen.

Make sure the GL module is still selected and click the New icon at the top of the screen. This time, select Chart of Account and click OK:


Enter in the GL of the sub-account and the description. Enter the GL Index number:


Click Accept.

Repeat entering the new GL Accounts under the Index.

To review, select the GL module > Index tab.

Enter the Index number and click OK.

You will see the index and the sub-accounts associated with it:



 When running Income Statements you have the option of viewing the sub-accounts and a breakdown of each:




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