Handling Credit Card Transactions as a Separate Bank Account

Handling Credit Card Transactions as a Separate Bank Account

An alternate method of entering credit card transactions is to set up the Credit Card company as it's own bank account. This will allow you enter expenses as office checks as they occur, rather than waiting to enter a single check when paying the monthly credit card bill.


The first step is to set up a new bank account for the credit card:

Click here for information on setting up a new account.

Give it a name descriptive of the credit card. You should NOT turn check printing on for this account. Also, make sure to allow Overdrafts:Screen_shot_2011-10-11_at_2.58.55_PM.png

Once the bank account is set up, you can enter checks on the account. You will enter a single check for each transaction made on your credit card.

You can also enter checks for costs that will be disbursed back to any given matter.

At any time, you can view the Office Journal to view all postings made to that account.


When you receive your statement and are ready to pay the bill, you can make an Office transfer from your general operating account, to your Credit Card account.





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