FAQ: How do I enter credit card purchase transactions?

FAQ: How do I enter credit card purchase transactions?

There are a few different ways to handle credit card purchases in Brief Accounting:

1. Enter the individual general ledger transactions on the office check itself at time of posting:

To do this, create a new office check.

In the GL Distribution section of the check, enter the GL Accounts that correspond with the items on your credit card statement:

TIP: In the GL No field, you can enter just the number "6" and hit the tab key on your keyboard. This will display a list of all 6000 series expense GL accounts that you can then select from.


If you run out of room to enter the items from your statement, click the green button in the GL Distribution header. This will expand the selection.

Enter the remainder of your credit card transactions until Balance to Distribute reads "Nil":


 You can then Accept, and post the check.


2. As an alternate way to handle a credit card payment, you can write an office check to the credit card company as below:


Simply credit your general account GL and debit your 2000 Series liability GL for your credit card.

TIP: Click here to learn more about creating GL Accounts.

Post the check as usual.

Once the check is posted, you can make Adjusting Journal Entries to reflect the items on the credit card statement. To do this:

Select the GL module > AJE tab > Click the New icon.

Make an entry similar to below, making sure to Credit your credit card GL and Debit the appropriate expense GL Accounts:


Then Post the AJE.

NOTE: You can also post these AJE's one at a time as the credit card transactions are made. For example, postage was paid by credit card on July 25, 2011. Make the following AJE:



You can make the AJE's one at a time or in batch. When the office is check is written to the credit card company for payment, the 2000 series GL will be debited, in theory zeroing out the Liability as at the date of the last transaction on the statement.


3. Set up the Credit Card Company as a separate Bank Account.

Click here for instructions on setting up a separate Bank Account to handle credit card transactions.

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